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About the Author

HUNTER M. BRUMFIELD JR. is a Tokyo-based entrepreneur and owner of two companies, including Face-To-Face Communications Inc. with seven rental videoconferencing facilities in Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong. He is a former newspaper writer and university journalism instructor and has published numerous articles in Japanese publications on technical writing and editing. He holds an MBA in Organizational Management.

FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATIONS INC. (FTF) is among the world's more-recognized videoconference service providers due in part to its high-profile Internet directory of public videoconferencing sites, which has been singled out by BusinessWeek Online and Videoconferencing Insight newsletter. As well, FTF's videoconferencing services at Park Hyatt Tokyo have been described in the New York Times Travel column, U.K.-based Hotel Business magazine, Japan Inc. magazine, and a number of English and Japanese publications in Japan. The company's 9-year-old web site/global site directory is linked from all over the world by more than 160 videoconference-related web sites.

Of the two videoconference sites FTF established and manages in Tokyo, the most recent are partnerships with the 3,400-member American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Brumfield is married to his 24-hour companion and business partner, Eiko, and has a son, Hunter III.