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Rental Videoconferencing —

About the Book

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This book tells you how to make money providing rental videoconferencing services as part of an existing business or as an entirely new venture.

It is written for anyone planning, or currently providing, videoconferencing services in a hotel, legal services center, Chamber of Commerce, or other location offering business services to the public.

Within its 164 pages is a seven-year distillation of the VC rental business, as derived from FTF's own operations and from the input of room managers in hundreds of public sites. It is both encouraging and cautioning, intended to give you a straight-forward idea of what to expect in this relatively new service area.

It is in large part a "how-to" business guide for setting up your new or expanded videoconferencing operation, including how to attract partners, set up alliances, handle finances, and choose the right equipment.

It explains the essential technical aspects and safeguards to help ensure successful videoconferences. It suggests what promotional and internal materials you need, how to sign up your room with broker networks, and what might reasonably be charged in your city or region.

In short, it reveals everything of importance the author has learned himself, while drawing on the experiences of other videoconferencing professionals from literally all over the world.

And when you succeed, ultimately so will everyone else in an industry that depends so much on the quality and professionalism across the entire, growing network of interconnected videoconference sites.


The Author



Rental VideoconferencingThe Virtual Travel Machine,
Copyright Hunter M. Brumfield, Jr.