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I express my appreciation to the following people, many of them "videoconference pioneers," who participated in one or both of the room surveys we conducted, or who kindly submitted their company logos, and/or offered encouragement and helpful ideas over e-mail, fax, phone and (of course!) videoconference. Their willingness to contribute their own experiences, talents and insights is an important part of this book.

Ezra Abrahams, Luis Manuel Aguana, Lendvai András, Lori Ann Asauskas, Deepali Athalye, Karina Barroeta, H. Allen Benowitz, Judith Bernstein, Paul Betts, Marvin Bowman, Liz Braun, Joan Buckley, Roger Butters, Lorraine Byrne, Dave Carbert, David Carlson, Steven Carter, Shelley Clark, Yves Cravic, Roger Dahl, Jiri Dosla, Jonathan Dunaief, Bruce Fiene, David First, Mary Forsyth, Tony Gallucci, Jon Genna, Barbara Goldberg, Enrique Goñi, Elaine Gorvett, Pamela Griffin, Ted Grube, George Haddad, Peter Haines, Kristel Hanlon, Liese Hardonk, Melanie Hobbs, Marie Hoelzel, Jens Hueneke, Charlie Hunter, Sylviane Jacques Gustave, Leo Kawitzky, Catherine Keno, Jerry Koid, Pamela Kozikowski, Steve Lacelle, Howard Laurence, Andras Lendvai, Paul Levy, Alexander Linde, Sam Love, Ian Macgregor, Tim Makhmoudov, Juan Marichal, David Martin, Jennie Martin, Ralph Martin, Pilar Martinez, Eugenia Martinez, Kirk McCracken, Jose Antonio Ferre Mesalles, Pam Miller, Colin Moore, Ariel Mumma, K. Nair, Sarah Nash, Dawn Nelson, Wolfgang Nisslbeck, Anthony Pavia, Gary Payne, Malin Planting, Klaus Reiter, Euan Robertson, Damon Roth, Sokdah Samad, Ingemar Sandén, Hans Schaefer, Paul Schmidt, Dean Shaefer, Colin Shanahan, Jenny Smith, Peter Smith, Peter Smithson, David Stadler, Bill Stewart, Calli Swain, Susan Sykes Hendee, Magdalena Tanoni, Dave Taylor, Ake Tilander, June Twomey, Marlu van der Hoven, Vicki Voss, Jim Webster, Geoffrey Williams, Nial Williams, Pete Woodworth, Dmitry Yaremenko, and Bob Zartarian.


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